1. Mockup BIM Modelling for Kuala Lumpur Retail, Offices and Hotel Project.

    • Proposal Stage. Development estimated RM1.0 bil.

2. Building Audit (Forensic) Services for Mechanical, Electrical, Sanitary Plumbing, Civil and Structure.

a) KPJ Seremban Hospital Phase 2 Development.

  • Development Estimated RM 68mil.
  • Audit Completed Jan 2018.

b) KPJ Perlis Hospital Development.

  • Development Estimated RM 80 mil.
  • Audit Completed in May 2018.

3.  BIM Projects for KPJ.

a) KPJ Penang Hospital Phase 2 Development.

    • Scope of Services – BIM LOD 300 Clash Free/Coordinated Model and 4D Simulation.
    • Development Estimated RM 100 mil.
    • In progress. Expected completion Apr 2019.
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