BIM for Building Construction

BIM is all about the process. TIF3M use building information modelling — an innovative new approach to building design, construction and management.

Building information modelling supports the continuous and immediate availability of project design scope, schedule, and cost information that is high quality, reliable, integrated, and fully coordinated.

Among the many competitive advantages BIM can offer are:
  • Increased field productivity
  • Decreased duplication or discrepancy of drawings
  • More efficient Request-for-Information (RFI) process
  • Reduce design modification or Variation Orders (VO)
  • Improved visualization, simulation and analysis
  • Construction documentation coordination and automatic clash detection
  • Increased speed of delivery
  • Increased environmental stewardship
  • Increased efficiencies in ordering materials and scheduling


Benefits of BIM to Building Owners

BIM has many benefits especially to the building and project owners as stated below:

  1. Owners can create savings (up to 5%) on projects through the implementation of BIM and save total projects cost. BIM can save additional expenses in construction cost as well as operation costs.
  2. Visualizing helps the owner’s groups see what they will be getting resulting in dealing with less change orders (building systems clash detection) during construction
  3. Get better design quality, better performing building (systems coordination, engineering analysis)
  4. Scheduling (4D) and costing (5D) are fully integrated with BIM model which will help owners for constructing more sound decisions based on multiple, accurate real-time information
  5. Schedule compression (digital assisted fabrication, offsite fabrication)
  6. BIM will help for more streamlined installation as all issues are resolved in trade coordination that will result for a better quality construction
  7. Owners can take more informed decisions about the possibility of a suggested project with the help of accurate, 3D information models through BIM.
  8. BIM includes all related information for owners to deal with the property, building systems and components
  9. Efficient handover (data exchange for operations/maintenance)

The ability to keep this information up to date and accessible in an integrated digital environment gives architects, engineers, builders, and owners a clear overall vision of their projects, as well as the ability to make better decisions faster — raising the quality and increasing the profitability of projects.

BIM for Infrastructure

BIM is all about the process. BIM solution is not meant just for Building Constructions, but it can be applied for any infrastructure projects as well such as roads, bridges, dams, transmission lines, treatment plants, oil and gas and many others.

Our BIM team have been involved in infrastructure projects in Malaysia related to townships infrastructure. The following are some sample projects which we have carried out using BIM.

Benefit of BIM for Infrastructure

In the nutshell, BIM for Infrastructure shall benefit in:

  • customer engagement – via 4D Modelling and construction time,
  • design decision making – via Clash Free Model, 5D QTO Model for Cost Estimates
  • team collaboration – all trades using a unified model,
  • information management,
  • addressing safety – via construction sequencing,
  • construction planning, and
  • improved data handover into operations – can accommodate FM Model if required.

BIM for Facility Management (BIM-FM)

BIM Solution is meant for use not just during the design and construction period. Our strategy is to adopt BIM up to LOD 500 FM Model which would enable client to use the model during their operation and maintenance period.

In partnership with ARCHIBUS Solution Centre KL, we can provide a complete BIM-FM solution to our client.  ARCHIBUS is the world No. 1 Real Estate and Facility Management solution with 480 of Fortune 500 Companies are using ARCHIBUS.  ARCHIBUS BIM 4.0 is perfectly tailored to be used by all BIM solution providers in providing complete end-to-end BIM LOD 500 FM Modelling.

BIM Scope of Services

The following are the services offered for BIM:

  1. BIM Management and Coordination
  2. Development of BIM LOD 300 and Clash Free/Coordinated Model
  3. Development of BIM LOD 400 and Construction/Fabrication Model
  4. Development of BIM LOD 500 As-Built Model
  5. Development of BIM LOD 500 FM Model
  6. Development of the 4D Virtual Simulation
  7. Development of the 5D QTO
  8. BIM Modelling of the Existing Building (2D to 3D)
  9. BIM-FM Services :
      • Development of the Space and Asset Policy, Coding and Tagging
      • FMIS Consultancy
      • FM Background Data and Data Population
      • Publishing of BIM Model to FMIS 3D Navigator System
  10. BIM Services for Independent Checking Consultancy (ICE)
  11. Any other BIM Services shall be subjected to client request
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