To expand our offering to the client as a holistic construction expertise, we provide building audit services or forensic in the areas of :

  1. Civil & Structure,
  2. Mechanical,
  3. Electrical,
  4. Sanitary and Plumbing audits.

We manage team of experts from various background and formulated an effective building audit workflow which can be adopted anywhere.  Our pool of professional engineers shall be working together with our audit consultants to provide a report which can be used for their legal claims to enable our client to recoup their losses. Some of the technology adopted are :

  1. Infrared Thermo graphic Inspection
  2. Ultrasonic Leaking Detection
  3. Pressure Gauge Testing
  4. Hygrometer
  5. Moisture Meter
  6. Endoscope Inspection
  7. Echo System for wall concrete scanning
  8. Magnetic Locator
  9. Chlorine and Nitrate Testing
  10. Field and Lab Test (Structure)
  11. Surface Levelling and Monitoring Work (Structure)
  12. Comprehensive Analysis and Design Check (Structure)
  13. Numerical Computer Simulation (Structure)


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