BIM-CM approach makes construction management unique. BIM-CM applies BIM and integrate comprehensive project controls to manage the critical issues of time, cost, scope and quality using BIM Solution. It is the matching of services to project/Owner needs that makes construction management a cost effective approach to managing project delivery.

TIF3M has a significantly different implementation approach from what may be considered to be the “traditional” construction industry model. The BIM-CM business is structured around a core team that has developed innovative construction 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D solutions. The BIM-CM adds value by providing the resources and expertise needed to manage quality, cost, schedule, scope and risks associated with design and construction to help the Owner achieve its objectives.”

Benefits of BIM-CM

Professional BIM-CM Team brings wide-ranging benefits to the clients or contractor, including:

  • Substantially control construction costs & wastages
  • Reduced bonding company office overhead
  • Smooth transition to the “take over” team
  • Oversight of daily contractor operations
  • Review and reporting on technical issues
  • Assure quality
  • Mitigate cost and time extension through innovative solutions to problems
  • Make all the design team tow tile line during design and construction to be cost effective and time sensitive
  • Free up other personnel to perform the principal work of the project
  • Assure better project documentation (the consultant requires full and proper documentation up front from field personnel and knows from experience just which documents to require and how to respond to them)
  • Assure consistency and professionalism because the consultant is not emotionally involved in the project
  • Put a knowledgeable industry insider on your team assuring only a top quality construction product on-time and on-budget
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