TIF3M Consortium Overview

TIF3M Consortium was established in May 2013 with the main objective to provide total integrated facility management services and solutions to the industry in Malaysia and the surrounding region.

TIF3M therefore stands for Total Integrated Facility Modeling Maintenance and Mobility (TIF3M)

TIF3M Consortium is the leading group of experts of the industry in the BIM-FM-Mobility ecosystem, combining the market leaders from Microcorp Technology Sdn Bhd (MTSB), Integrated Project Management Solutions Sdn Bhd (IPMS), and CIMAS Technologies Sdn Bhd (CIMAS).  Our expertise goes the full circle, from Planning, Design, Procurement, Building Information Modeling, Project Management and Consultation, Facilities Management, Application Systems Development, Integration and GIS Mobility Application.

We have extensive experience in the AEC Industry with proven results. Our specialized expertise is grouped as follows:

  • We adopt the Integrated Project Delivery methodology for the AEC industry.
  • We manage a team of dedicated consultants who are BIM-savvy with hands on experience in the industry BIM processes.
  • We provide quality and effective solutions, which are cost effective, value engineered and combined with global and local resources to produce the best results.
  • We offer a personalized service which regards pro-active input essential to success.
  • We inspire our clients with new methods, products and services through technology and practice.

We are an innovative, client-oriented consortium that is built around the concept of relationship consulting, stressing team-oriented and multi-disciplinary services. As a specialist in BIM-FM-Mobility, we recognize our primary obligation is to provide professional services in the most competent and efficient manner. Our complete support of professionals and experience consultants and managers are in the position to undertake and complete any assignment in the most efficient method that is combined to ensure outstanding results.