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Our company is driven by a group of local expertise from various background i.e. Project Management, Architecture, Construction, ICT, Green Technology and Corporate Strategy.

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Mr. Fuad Abdullah
Project Management & Business Development



  • ICT
  • Project Management
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Facility Management System
  • Green Technology

Qualification : M.Sc. in Computer Science (USA)

Years of experience: 30

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Mr. Fuad Abdullah

  • M. Sc. in Computer Science, Texas State University, USA
  • B. Sc. in Computer Science, Sam Houston State University, USA
  • Corporate Member of Malaysian Green Building Confederation (MGBC) and Education Committee for 2013-2014.

Fuad Abdullah is an entrepreneur with vast experience in the ICT industry and large scale project management in the region. He graduated with a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Texas State University, USA in 1989 and was a pioneer of XYBASE Sdn Bhd which grew into one of the few global players in the airport ICT industry. He later joined KLIA Consult to implement Putrajaya ICT Master Plan project. Then, he established Seven Seas Computers Sdn Bhd, representing the Dubai Group, in Kuala Lumpur to market a Hospitality system solution for the region. He had also partnered in the education sector with Globalnet Education Consultants Sdn Bhd that implemented Interactive e-learning System to 150 schools all over Malaysia.

He then re-joined KLIA Premier Holdings (KLIAPH) to setup a few subsidiaries in Green Technology and ICT and then was made responsible for the KLIAPH group’s business development in the areas of Construction, Engineering Services, ICT, Green Technology, and Trading. Currently, he is running businesses in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Facilities Management Information Systems (FMIS).

In project management, he was directly involved as the senior project manager for two of the nation’s mega-project i.e. KLIA TAMS and the Putrajaya Intelligent City. He managed the team of engineers, consultants and expatriates to deliver state of the art solution that has become the icons of Malaysia.

His Specialties are in Project Management, BIM, Facilities Management, Green Technology, and ICT.

Key Project Experiences:

  1. Control Centres Solution for KLIA Total Airport Management System (TAMS).
  2. Putrajaya ICT Masterplan Projects Implementation.
  3. Nationwide Helpdesk Solution implementation for CALTEX Indonesia in Pekanbaru.
  4. Airport Operational Database and Integration for Imam Khomeini International Airport, IRAN.
  5. Implementation of Airportxchange for Dubai International Airport.
  6. Advisor to the Project Management Team on the BIM-FM Implementation for Putrajaya Parcel F.
  7. Advisor to the Project Management Team on the FMIS with BIM Implementation for POS Malaysia.
  8. BIM LOD 300 and 4D Simulation, KPJ Penang Hospital.
  9. BIM LOD 100 Mock-up for MRCB Mixed Development.

Mr. Shaharin Hashim
BIM & Project Management Specialist



  • Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Design Management
  • Building Information Modelling

Qualification : B. Architecture (Hons.) UTM , Dip. Architecture

Years of experience: 26

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Mr. Shaharin Hashim

  • B. Arch (Hons.)(UTM)
  • Dip. Arch.(UTM)
  • Recognized BIM Manager by CIDB
  • Member of Board of Architects Malaysia
  • CIDB BIM Steering Committee 2014-2015
  • RISM BIM Steering Committee 2014
  • 2015 National BIM Award Recipient
  • BIM Trainer for CIDB – TTT Program
  • MS 1064:Modular Coordination Trainer for CIDB – TTT Program

Mr. Shaharin Hashim has over 25 years of hands on experience in the Malaysian construction industry with specific niche in Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation and management. He graduated with B. Arch.(Hons.) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM); and made his impact in the profession as a highly qualified architectural project manager in various development projects under Sunrise Berhad, Sime Darby Bhd and several local developer firms.

He has managed BIM implementation at various stages of implementation, as consultant, contractor, facilitator and trainer. His contribution is well recognised by the industry and policy makers; he has been a key facilitator to the Malaysia BIM Roadmap task force, the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), National and Academia BIM Steering Committee and industry proponent of BIM implementation at national and international stage.

Mr Shaharin had presented papers in local and international seminars with specific industry requirements. He has devised a comprehensive BIM process and delivery mechanism suitable for the Malaysian sector and endorsed by relevant agencies. That sees him being awarded by CIDB with BIM Award in year 2015.

Mr Shaharin has worked extensively as an Architect, Project Manager and BIM Expert Consultant; handling projects from Inception to Completion to Facilities Management and adapting BIM Technology which assists him in building design and commissioning projects. His knowledge and experience is a valuable asset that enabled bona fide data to be traced all the way to the finer design details as part of the building lifecycle.

Key Project Experiences:

  1. BIM LOD 500 As-Built, 4D Simulation and PMC for UTHM Multipurpose Hall.
  2. BIM 4D Simulation for Nusajaya Educity Sports Complex.
  3. BIM 4D Project Planning for Ancasa Hotel UDA.
  4. Setting up of BIM Dept, BIM Manual, and PEP for Sime Darby Properties.
  5. Development of KKR BIM Roadmap.
  6. Development of BIM Roadmap, BIM Guideline, and BIM Training for CIDB.
  7. Development of BIM Syllabus for Politeknik Ungku Omar School of Architecture.
  8. BIM LOD 300 and 4D Simulation, KPJ Penang Hospital.

Mr. Ahmad Sha’rainon Md Shaarani
DIRECTOR/Chairman of the BOD
BIM-FM Specialist



  • Facility Management
  • Facility Management System
  • Project Management
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Land Surveying

Qualification : Exec Diploma in Facility Management, Diploma in Land Surveying

Years of experience: 21

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Mr Ahmad Sha’rainon Md Shaarani

  • Exec Diploma in Facility Management
  • Diploma in Land Survey
  • FM Specialist
  • ARCHIBUS USA – Member of ARCHIBUS Think Tank Group

Mr. Ahmad Sha’rainon has over 19 years of experience in Information Technology (IT) and Facilities Management (FM) industry.  He graduated with Diploma in Land Surveying from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). As an advocate of Total Infrastructure & Facilities Management (TIFM) adoption in the industry, he created Intuitive Business Transformation (IBT) and TIFM-driven revolutions in Malaysia and South East Asian region. This is a comprehensive and well-founded-vision, based on collective best practices, deliverable benchmarks, balanced scorecards, standards, knowledge, and insights of millions of ARCHIBUS users. The teams he assembled had found creative ways to educate the market about the value-driven opportunities that await rapid and successful deployments of TIFM.

In the new economy where data, information, and knowledge are competitive resources, the chief task of real estate, infrastructure and facilities managers is to identify or invent ways to accelerate the effective use of data, information and knowledge. Today’s most successful companies, institutions, and government agencies are utilizing TIFM and IBT at the center of their business and institutional strategy.

He received 2 prestigious awards in 2011, namely the ARCHBUS, Inc. Awards of Excellence Program which was instituted in 1998:

  • Total Infrastructure and Facility Management Visionary of the Year Award

Awarded to the individual whose vision and ideas exemplify the most innovative, far-seeing technical possibilities and strategies for TIFM automation

  • Innovative Business Transformation Award

Awarded to the individual whose ingenuity and dedication have had a tsunami effect on the organizational enterprise by extending its existing Enterprise Resource Planning suite with information-sharing that connects strategic missions directly to staff, real estate, and facility operation.

He is currently the Managing Director at Microcorp Sdn. Bhd. and the President of ARCHIBUS Solution Centers Kuala Lumpur.

Key Project Experiences:

  1. UiTM PFI Campuses – Seremban, Nilai, Rembau FMIS implementation.
  2. Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan FMIS with BIM
  3. UIA Gambang Asset Management Information System (AMIS) implementation.
  4. UiTM Puncak Alam and Shah Alam FMIS implementation.
  5. KWSP Group Real Estate Management System implementation.
  6. PJH Parcel F BIM-FM for Sunway Construction BIM-FM implementation lead.
  7. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) FMIS implementation.
  8. POS Malaysia nationwide i-Space implementation with BIM modelling.
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